As an industry, accountants are often known for being slow to change and stuck in the past. Todays complex financial environment calls for a new type of forensic accountant to succeed. At RCT we have combined the accounting and private investigation professions, outfitted our staff with modern tools, modern techniques and investigative prowess and created a unique organization that is truly on the cutting edge and able to provide our clients with Uncompromising Clarity.
We are positioned to provide the most complete investigation possible, from the paper chase to chasing down leads on the streets. We understand the claims process, the litigation process and the need to provide our services in a timely and economical manner. Our highly credentialed CPAs provide all of the best attributes including analytics, detailed reporting and ethics with the added ability to simplify and effectively communicate our findings to any audience from a senior claims manager to the average juror. Our professional investigators are highly trained, credentialed and seasoned detectives who understand the needs of the client and employ investigative best practices. This unique combination makes RCT the preferred choice when results count.
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