Macomb County Forensic Accountant

Uncompromising Clarity!

RCT is based in Mt. Clemens, MI, directly across from the Macomb County Circuit Court, in the heart of the counties legal hub. With our close working  relationships within the legal community, we have become the premier choice by attorneys who have clients in need of expert clarification about financial status, valuation or the tracing of funds and transactions. With our structure as that of both accountants and investigators, we offer a unique value proposition that is difficult to find elsewhere. Some of the areas that we have experience in h

  • Uncovering fraud and asset misuseMacomb Circuit Court
  • Valuing marital assets
  • Business valuations
  • Probate and estate valuations
  • serving as as accounting and valuation expert witness
  • Insurance claim valuations
  • Locating assets
  • Criminal defense of financial crimes

Below is a sampling of the endorsements we received from some of Macomb County’s preeminent attorneys that we have the privilege of serving:

“Bob Tunney has been my trusted financial adviser for over 20 years. When it comes to forensics and business valuation, I recommend his firm without hesitation. Knowledgeable and trustworthy!”

Lawrence Scott ~ O’Reilly Rancilio, P.C.

“RCT has provided me with excellent valuations for my divorce clients. They are fair and have always stood up to scrutiny. This firm has my recommendation when it comes to business valuations. I use them exclusively.”

Chris Fischer ~ Fischer, Garon, Hoyumpa & Rancilio, P.C.

“As a practicing attorney, I have called upon RCT Forensics’ expertise for clients I have represented. The firm has always exceeded my expectations, and I recommend this team of professionals.”

Paul McNamara ~ Attorney at Law

We are recognized experts who know Macomb County, the accounting, investigations, the local bench and the law. We also are able to take the complex world of accounting rules and taxes and can simplify them and make them easy for everyone to understand, including a jury.