Our Keys to Your Success

Uncompromising Clarity!

The essence of a successful forensic accounting engagement requires the accountant to possess a certain set of skills that are not always the same as those required for traditional accounting.  We strongly believe that these are some of the essential attributes required to provide forensic accounting services at the highest level:

  • Knowledge of relevant professional standards
  • Strong interviewing skills
  • Ability to explain audit evidence and where it was derived from
  • Knowledge of fraud detection best practices
  • Experience in tracing assets
  • Knowledge of relevant claims practices
  • Understanding of electronic discovery and its potential role in an engagement
  • Working knowledge of civil and criminal rules of evidence and procedure
  • Ability to testify well
  • High ethical standards
  • Unquestioning fairness toward all parties

At RCT, we have implemented the latest in Forensics Accounting Best Practices and assembled a team of experts who possess all of the above attributes and more to ensure that we represent our clients in the most progressive, compelling manner possible, each and every time.